Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Review – An Excellent Budget Guitar

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I have a problem of being attached easily, yes, including material objects such as guitars.

Wait, let me rephrase that, “…most especially guitars!”

Now, I’ve been looking for a “new” guitar to add to my collection but also doesn’t want to spend too much.

Something that I can also use for practice and jam with friends.

yamaha fg800 review

Although, most of the cheap guitars I see online is a rip-off until I encountered the FG800.

It’s a surprisingly affordable guitar, but the quality is something to look forward.

Review of: Yamaha FG800

Sound Quality

9 out of 10


10 out of 10


8 out of 10


9 out of 10

Yamaha FG800, natural


  • Lightweight
  • Great Value
  • Clear Bass
  • Stays In Tune
  • Affordable


  • The Nato Tonewood Isn’t The Best
  • High Action
  • Might be a Bit Big

If you want a low price guitar but excellent quality, FG800 should be one of your choices. Unlike other cheap guitars, the FG800 won’t disappoint you with regards to tone and comfort.

The Yamaha FG800 is ideal for beginners, as a gift, intermediate players looking for a new guitar to practice or jam.

For collectors alike, this could be one of your choices! Just because it won’t break your wallet and at the same time, it has an excellent quality given its price range.

For beginners with small hands, you might find this a bit unsettling for the reason that the body might be more extensive for you and it has a higher action.

Technically, as time pass, you’ll learn to overcome these simple things. Slowly but surely, you’ll have it easy when playing a guitar of any size.

But of course, you have to take it easy, one step at a time. So, to make it easier for you, you might want to get a slightly smaller guitar.

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A Budget Acoustic Guitar with Top-Notch Quality

FG series has been around for 50 years. From that “50 years”, we can deduce that this series is something exceptional. These acoustics are famous for their excellent tone, great playability, and top-notch quality.

It’s an affordable guitar but with exceptional quality. It has a simple traditional western design which most players find appealing. Although with the size of the guitar, people with small hands may find it a bit uncomfortable.

It consists of a solid top, which is unusual for this price range, which makes the sound more outstanding. That and the fact that solid guitars tend to be more durable than laminated guitars. Besides, it’ll have a better quality the longer you have it, so you can consider it an investment per se.

FG800’s Natural Acoustic Sound

Yamaha FG800 Body

The handiwork and tonewoods of this guitar create a bright and powerful tone. Most notably with their very own bracing, making the guitar project a more robust sound,  particularly low to mid ranges.

Given its “little” higher action, strumming playing style will fit it. But of course, in the end, its a matter of preference. In my opinion, any playing style will be suitable considering that the guitar has terrific tonal quality.

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A Lightweight Guitar with Improved Bracing​

Yamah FG800 Headstock

The awesome people at Yamaha made this astounding guitar. It features a Solid Sitka Spruce top and Nato/Okume back and sides. Sitka spruce is one of the most popular tonewoods known for its lightweight and powerful tone.

The Nato/Okume may be the cheaper and lower quality version of the Mahogany, but with the combination of other tonewoods, the result is still impressive.

Also, it highlights their newly developed scalloped bracing. With this technology, the top board is more durable, and it brings out a more natural sound. 

Most people will love the classic traditional western design this guitar has, including me. It brags a glossy finish and tortoise-shell pickguard. So, not only the quality is improved, so is the aesthetics! 

The playability of this guitar doesn’t disappoint either. It consists of Rosewood fingerboard and bridge with 25 9/16″ scale, and with 20 frets joined at the 14th fret. It has a chrome die-cast tuners which should help you to stay in tune.


  • A lightweight guitar
  • A great value provided with its price
  • Clear and good bass
  • Stays in tune for a longer time


  • The Nato tonewood isn’t the best, but an adequate substitute for a lower price
  • Higher action
  • Maybe a bit bigger for people with small hands

One of the best budget guitars, the FG series has been choice of million guitarists according to Yamaha. It’s an excellent option for guitarists just starting out.

Within those million guitarists, one of the famous people who used an FG guitar was Joseph Allen “Country Joe” McDonald, the lead singer of Country Joe & the Fish. He used it on the second day of the Woodstock Festival in 1969. 

Some other notable artists who used the Yamaha guitar are Jimmy Page, Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Bruce Springsteen (to name a few).

Final Thoughts on Yamaha FG800

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first guitar, or a collector looking for a quality guitar that isn’t so expensive, the FG800 is an exceptional choice in which you won’t regret if you buy it.

The Yamaha FG800 has an authentic acoustic sound, which is much stronger compared to other budget guitar thanks to their unique scalloped bracing. Other than the sound, its build is just superb. It may have a little bit higher action, but other than that, the comfort of this guitar is just wonderful!

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